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Informed decision making tools for cancer patients

Helping cancer patients make educated data-driven decisions for best treatment outcomes

D0 you have a cancer treatment related question? 

Get customized data-driven answers to support your decision making process to treat and manage your cancer. Whether it is a question regarding surgical removal of cancer affected organ systems or it is about predicting the outcome of your treatments as a function of your cancer mutations, we can help you find reasonable answers through bioinformatic analysis of large scale publicly available cancer patient data sets. Our professional analysts and bioinformaticians will cater to your specific need for information. 

Want to learn more about your specific cancer and treatment outcomes? 

We have a wide range of informational products and reports for patients that summarize the disease state, FDA-approved specific treatments and outcomes and much more. We make it easy to access cancer treatment related information. Cancer Therapies 4 U is your one stop shop for all cancer treatment-specific information.   


How do we provide our service?

We use bioinformatic analysis of large scale patient databases to find the answers you are most curious about and serves you the best. We summarize the results in forms of reports, which are available to you for purchase through our website. 

Your healthcare provider is going to answer your basic questions. For additional personalized information research, we can help. Email us at for more information. 

Reports on individual cancers

Large scale patient data analysis to see where you fit in

Ask cancer related questions and get data driven answers

What we do for
cancer patients

  • Provide data-driven answers to cancer treatment related questions

  • Compare treatments and cancer remission outcomes against published patient databases

  • Explain molecular diagnostic results

  • Compare cancer mutations against databases for efficient disease management

  • Analyze genomic mutations identified through liquid biopsies and correlate mutations with disease-free, progression-free and overall survival

  • Search clinical trials and pipeline drugs for patient specific cancer management 

  • Research alternative cancer treatment options

What we do for

  • Bioinformatic analysis for precision oncology

  • Variant analysis

  • Prepare case studies

  • Clinical trials data summary

  • Journal club

Cancer treatments immunotherapy

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