Preparing Cancer Diet

Eating healthy is important for a healthy living. The wrong kind of food can cause inflammation in our body. Prolonged inflammation can help form cancer. Therefore, proper food intake is important to prevent cancer. In addition, certain food items, when consumed in right amounts, may demonstrate anticancer effects and protect our body from cancer. The USDA (US Department of Agriculture) and the NCI (National Cancer Institute) have developed The Healthy Eating Index for American people to measure the diet quality. Download the free worksheet and start your quality diet today.

CANCER Therapies 4 U can help you create your own cancer specific diet chart

Without changing your diet completely, we can help you modify your current diet into the good quality diet proposed by the USDA. Our expert dieticians can identify the food items that may be causing inflammatory response in your body and eliminate them. Email us at for more information. Learn what your body like, reduce inflammation, live a better quality life. 

Good diet for cancer patients.

carrot juice - good or bad for cancer?

Carrots - good or bad for cancer?

Platinum drugs, such as cisplatin, carboplatin or oxaliplatin, are used heavily throughout the world to treat different types of cancer. This family of drugs are very potent. In a 2019 publication Szefler et al. reported that structural affinity computations indicated that B-vitamins can interact with one of the prevalent forms of cisplatin in solution, the 'cis-Pt-di-aqua' from. A similar 2021 publication indicated that vitamin B6 can actively react with carboplatin. The authors state that aromatic compounds with lone pair orbitals reduce the cytotoxic effects of carboplatin. 

What does this mean?

This means while receiving platinum based chemotherapy, having too much B-vitamins around may reduce the drug-DNA interactions, resulting in a probable lower efficacy. Same outcome may be expected for beet juice. Clinical trials required to determine true effects. 

What should cancer patients eat?

Definitely more research is needed to establish diet regimens for cancer patients. The messing is currently very mixed. The current research data is based on small population size and may not reflect an absolute outcome. You can read more peer-reviewed articles here.

Cancer diet

gerson therapy and the gonzalez regimen

Gerson Therapy diet

Max Gerson immigrated from Germany in 1938. He was inspired by the writings of Paracelsus (1490 - 1541) and believed that diet should be the basis of medical therapy. The Gerson Therapy offers mostly vegetarian options with pancreatic enzymes. Fasting and enemas have been historically used to modulate therapeutic outcomes throughout the world. However, the American Medical Association and the National Cancer Institute analyzed the data presented by Gerson and realized that this treatment offered no value. 

Which means, probably this approach does not increase the life span and improve the quality of life in cancer patients. Our suggestion, please do not make this the only therapeutic approach for your cancer treatment. Cleansing one's body with diet and enema can only have so much effect in strengthening the immune system to fight cancer. And the thing to remember is that this idea was proposed 600 years ago when no one knew the molecular biology of cancer and had no idea that a wrong genetic mutation can lead to cancer. But nevertheless, a good diet is always good for the body. To learn more about Gerson Therapy, click here.