How can cancer genomics help with cancer treatments?

Liquid biopsies are able to identify tumor cells and circulating tumor DNA in patient blood samples.  The sequencing of the cancer genomes found in the patient blood samples may identify mutations in the cancer genome. These mutations may have an impact on the treatment outcomes and overall survival. We can analyze the mutations from your liquid biopsy sequencing results. Such analysis can help you understand the implications of such mutations and may help you determine any specific treatment options available. It also helps with expectation management. 



Mutations in certain genes matter as it modulates the treatment outcome.


Mutated protein-specific treatments are increasing with a lot of new drugs that are being approved by the FDA in recent years. 

We can demystify the cancer genomics for you and unveil information that can help you with disease and expectation management.


We can analyze your specific mutations identified through NexGen sequencing using bio-informatics and determine how the mutation affects the overall survival and disease-free survival from publicly available large scale data sets.


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