How to find out if a new cancer treatment works or not?

Everybody is selling everything these days. Quite convincingly. 


There are people out there who will try to sell cancer patients treatment options that are not properly evaluated and approved by the FDA.

Just because FDA-approved treatments are not working, patients sometimes feel vulnerable. Do not let any one take advantage of that. 

USA has the best cancer treatment options hands down.


Before spending $50,000 or more on some of these cancer treatments, in the USA or abroad, please be sure to verify that it has some sort of clinical benefit leading to better quality of life as well as increased life span. 

One way to verify this is to look up relevant peer-reviewed publications from PubMed. You can also look up FDA approved cancer therapies from the NCI


Our scientific experts, who deal with data and scientific concepts on a regular basis can evaluate and investigate the outcomes data of any such therapy. 

We can verify the efficacy of such FDA unapproved cancer treatments by researching any peer-reviewed publications and provide you with information that you can use to determine whether it is suitable for you.

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