How to get the best follow-up care after cancer treatment?

Patient talking to doctor in or follow-up cancer care and is haapy with the results.


Follow-up care after cancer remission is important. It is important to monitor patient health for short term and long term effects of treatments. Most importantly, to monitor cancer relapse. 

Doctor visit - how often?

According to NCI

  • Every 3 - 4 months in the first 2 - 3 years

  • once or twice a year after that

Keep track of your follow up care plan

It is recommended that you create your own follow-up care tracking plan, especially if you visit multiple health care providers. 

Different for everyone

The frequency of your follow-up visits will depend on 

  • the type of cancer

  • treatment received

  • overall health

  • treatment related issues

What to expect? 

According to NCI

  • physical exams

  • blood tests

  • scans

  • other tests

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