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Confessions Of A Shopaholic Movie Torrents galdarr




It was directed by Jason Bateman and co-written by Julia Kramer and Jon Glaser. It was released by Warner Bros. Pictures on December 3, 2009. It stars Bateman as Dr. Nick Miller, the latest in a series of psychiatrists to help Natalie Portman's character who has a shopping addiction. Contents The film is set in the London of October 2007, six months after the events of Shopaholic. A few months earlier, Natalie Portman's character, who is now a lawyer at a high-powered firm, suffered a crippling loss of confidence, and in desperation started going through the behavioral list of a bipolar disorder. She was hospitalized for a few weeks, until she regained her sense of self. She was prescribed a depression medication, which she temporarily stopped taking at the suggestion of her doctor. In an effort to regain her confidence, Natalie seeks Dr. Nick Miller's advice. A former self-professed workaholic who has been on an exhausting holiday from his stressful job as a psychiatrist, he receives a call from Natalie asking for help with her problem. Despite his protestations that she is the most difficult client he has ever had, Nick realizes he has no choice but to take her as a client, as well as a friend. On the way to Natalie's house, Nick stops to see his therapist, who tells him he has a choice to make in his life. Nick declines her offer, but tells her that she has no choice. The car breaks down when they get to Natalie's house, so they head to his house instead. On the way, Natalie is rude and aggressive, forcing Nick to bring her to his house and demanding a meeting. When they get to Nick's house, he tells Natalie that she needs to talk to his wife. Nick talks to his wife, who tells Nick to bring Natalie to her office, and Natalie and Nick go there. Natalie refuses to talk to her wife, so Nick takes her to his house. After Natalie orders all the groceries and takes them home, Nick gets out to grab the last item. As he is going through the garage, he realizes that his wife left a book of notes that she had written to him. Nick goes inside and finds the last book from the three books Natalie had read. He sees something that makes him realize that he should be in therapy, and he puts the last book in his pocket. Nick realizes that he has been afraid of being with another woman and that his



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Confessions Of A Shopaholic Movie Torrents galdarr
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